About JC Promotions

My name is Cissy Gialanella, and I am the owner of JC Promotions, Inc. We are a professional event planning company that produces a variety of community events throughout New Jersey. As producers of arts, crafts fairs, street fairs, food truck fest, women’s lifestyle expos, vintage & antique markets, flea & collectible markets, kids fairs, you can be sure JC will have something special going on every weekend.

Over 30 years and counting, JC has raised millions of dollars for over 50+ organizations. We work for schools, churches, civic groups, chambers of commerce, business associations, recreation departments, and town administrations.

These groups work with JC in order to raise funds, bring awareness to their group, a cause or campaign, promote memberships, showcase a downtown area, and more.

JC specializes in bringing fun community events to your area that your group will be proud of and the public will surely enjoy.

Founder of JC Promotions, Inc...
It all began in the late 90’s when my dear father passed away leaving my mother, Jay Merenda head of household, with 2 young boys to raise. Now Jay, a very personable and resourceful lady started a small business selling at flea markets. Within a year, she was running her own small flea market.

When the business took off there was too much for her to do alone. I was already helping her to run things so eventually when mom retired I took over the business.

Although Jay was retired, she still loved selling at the markets. She would sell anything…mostly tag sale items priced at $1 or under. She was immensely popular among the dealers and customers alike. They would enjoy stopping by her booth to chit-chat and see what special items they’d find on her table.

JC Today…
Over time, what started out as a popular flea market with 20 dealers has grown to become a variety of vendor-based events that feature shopping, amusements, entertainment, good food, and more. Today, JC offers a show that fits almost everyone’s choice of a fun time.

Sadly, my mom passed away in 2018. She left her legacy behind in creating a wonderful way to bring people together. She will always remain in the hearts of the many people she touched with her loving ways.

Our JC Team…
If you speak to anyone that knows us they’ll surely tell you we are a top-notch group of friendly, hard-working people. Ready and willing to help our vendors when needed, support our host groups and welcome all that attend our events.

Contact us…
If you’d like information on becoming an exhibitor, a group interested in hosting an event, or for any other reason please call or email. We will get back to you in a timely manner.

We look forward to seeing you at the shows.

Best Regards, Cissy Gialanella

Cissy at the 2010
Little Falls Street Fair
Jay Merenday in 2011

Cissy, Chris (my son) and my 3 beautiful grandchildren, Chris Jr, Adrianna and Olivia
The Merenda Family-2015
Jay, brother Paul, grandson Tyler, Cissy and brothers John & Michael
The original team…Cissy, Ellen, Fran & Cindi

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