Flea Markets

JC runs approximately 50 flea markets per year, operating every Saturday and Sunday from January through the holiday season. Our “on the road” events are in over 35 communities throughout NJ. Our flea markets are made up of approximately 40% new merchandise vendors, 50% vintage, antiques/collectibles, and tag sale vendors, and 10% arts & crafts exhibitors. During the holiday season, this changes with more vendors coming in selling new items, crafts items and gift items.

There is also space available for Promotional vendors. Rather than selling an item these vendors are typically businesses or organizations that pass out info/promotion and are allowed to take contact info from visitors.

Outdoor Flea Markets

JC runs outdoor markets during the spring, summer, and fall. These markets feature new items, crafts, vintage & collectibles, and second-hand items. Held in parks and parking lots, vendors are able to work from their vehicles with their own tables and canopies. Reservations are not required for vendors at these events.

Indoor Flea Markets

During the cold weather (late November through March), JC runs markets indoors in school gyms and halls (limited outdoors sometimes available). Vendors’ space is set up in rows with lots of tables displaying a wide variety of items for sale at great prices. The vendor assortment is the same as outdoors flea markets. Reservations are suggested for vendors at these events.

Holiday Flea Markets and Gift Shows

From late November until Christmas, JC’s indoor flea markets feature exhibitors selling a big selection of gift items and crafts as well as all the steady vendors that attend our events on a regular basis.