Arts & Crafts Fairs

Arts-Crafts Juried Fairs

At JC Promotions”juried” Arts & Crafts Fairs

You will find top-notch exhibitors from the tri-state area that feature talented artisans, craftspeople, photographers, and specialty food sellers. Occasionally, we will bring in other attractions such as music, a selection of gourmet food trucks, and a kids zone…this is to offer attendees a wider range of things to enjoy at the event.

JC is particular in the exhibitors that are invited to participate in our “juried” events. We do not accept items that are manufactured, buy & sell, imports, and items made by other people. Only the original work from its creator is accepted into the show.

The purpose of disclosing this is so that artisans & craftspeople are assured that we will not comprise the integrity of our juried events by bringing in non-conforming exhibitors.

The type of events that feature “juried artisans & craftspeople are mainly at select art & craft fairs, food truck festivals, and art & vintage events.

These events are held in upscale New Jersey communities in an effort to reach your target audience.

Historic Downtown Somerville NJ
Arts & Crafts Fair
Llyod Garrison painting

The Crafters Corner

at JC’s
Street Fairs & Festivals

JC produces a wide variety of events throughout NJ. Some of our very popular events are street fairs, food truck fests, and vintage marketplaces.

Within these fairs, there is a separate section created just for artists and crafters known as “The Crafters’ Corner”. Many crafters find that they do well in the Crafters’ Corner. Visitors come in droves and offer exhibitors great exposure.

These events have a variety of other vendors from retail, vintage, antiques, crafts, and more. There is usually a kids’ zone, food vendors, and most times live music.

Montvale NJ Street Fair
Gourmet Food Trucks