NJ Event & Street Fair Performers

Performers for Street Fairs

We are always seeking new acts to perform at our events, since we produce a wide variety of shows, we are seeking a wide range of entertainment. The type of performers we are looking for at our Street Fairs are high energy “cover” song, and dance music acts, dancer demos, karate demos, and health clubs demos.
Please note: These events are not geared for showcasing original music acts. However, acts can feel free to include an occasional original composition.

Kids Traveling Shindig performers
We also have a Kids Traveling Shindig at all JC’s Street Fairs. Here, we are always looking for kid-oriented performers and characters to keep the kids amused.

Performers for Flea Markets

For our Juried Arts and Crafts Festivals, we are seeking performers in music genres such as jazz, classical, acoustic, and instrumental. Please note: these events are also not geared for showcasing original music acts, though performing an occasional original would be fine.

Non-Music Performers
Although these shows by design do not attract children, we like to have something for them, too. We sometimes bring in a “hands on” craft tent, a small game, or some type of interactive activity, etc. (see below). If you have an amusement like this and want to participate please Contact Us.

Musical Acts

At minimum, we will need to see and hear a web link with some current photos and audio performances. If you include “live” video performances that would be great, thank you!