Event Information & FAQ

What merchandise am I allowed/not allowed to sell?

At JC’s Flea Markets, you may sell new items, arts, crafts, antiques, vintage & collectibles, and tag sale. You may also rent space as a promotional vendor.

At JC’s Street Fairs, you may sell new items, and arts & crafts, or book a space to promote your business or cause. At some JC Street Fairs, we allow collectibles/vintage/antiques to be sold. Absolutely NO garage or tag sale.

At JC’s Juried Arts & Crafts Festivals, only hand made items and original works may be sold. NO buy & sell, manufactured, or imported items are allowed. The exhibitor must be the creator of the items sold. This rule applies except in preapproved circumstances.

At all JC Events, NO food items (unless you are booked with JC as a licensed food vendor), NO bootlegged or copies of designer items, NO illegal items, and NO smoke related items, knives, cigarettes, silly string. Contact Us if you have questions about specific items you would like to sell.

What if it rains during an event?

If it should rain during an event, you are NOT ALLOWED to bring your vehicle in to reload until the event is officially closed. At this time, event management or police will allow vehicles to move around. This is for the safety of pedestrians until we can vacate everyone.

What are the space sizes and costs?

Flea Markets space sizes
Outdoors: 20′ x 24′ (equivalent to 3 parking slots). Your vehicle stays with your display.

Indoors: space is sold in 6′ sections. You can put up a 6′ table or 5 tables. This is your choice and also depends on the amount of space we have available to rent you.

Street Fairs & Festivals space sizes
Held in the street along side the curb, your space size is 10′ x 12′ and you must move your vehicle after unloading to a designated parking area. When event ends you must pack up your display/items and only then can you pull in your vehicle to reload.

Is there a contract I have to sign?

Yes, at all events, JC will provide an event agreement that you must sign.

Do I need anything to participate as an exhibitor?

To be an exhibitor at JC’s events, you will need to have an NJ Tax ID if you are selling retail items, crafts, antiques & collectibles on a regular basis. If you are holding a casual garage/tag sale, you will not necessarily need to apply for a tax number. See this notice that provides tax rules.

Can I host an event through JC as a fundraiser?

If your organization would like to hold one of our events as your fundraiser, you can read up on our Host an Event page, and then just Contact Us! If you’d like, we will meet with your group to discuss the process. As the beneficiary of the fundraiser, your group will receive a portion of the proceeds without any out-of-pocket expense to you.

What is JC’s cancelation policy?

In Advance of Event: (Tues-Fri. 10AM-4PM. JC office hours) Call 201-998-1144 to speak to a JC person and follow up with an e-mail. On the Weekend (Sat & Sun 6AM- 6PM-Week-end Hot Line) Call 201-926-1125 to speak to a JC person and follow-up with an e-mail. Result: Vendor will receive a partial credit, ONLY if JC can resell the space. NO CREDIT will be issued if space goes unsold.

If a Vendor cancels more than one event: No Refunds or Credit will be issued. JC will only cancel an event if the weather is very poor, dangerous, or too difficult to keep open. This is mostly a concern for an outdoor event but sometimes for an indoor event also, e.g. a snow storm during the event, etc. Otherwise, most of JC’s indoor and outdoor events are rain or shine.

Notice of Cancelation: JC will notify exhibitors and customers through the different types of communication that we have in place: JC Facebook, JC Twitter, JC email blast, JC’s website (on the calendar page next to the event info) and on both of our office lines.

What are the hours of these events, and what is vendor set up times?

Open to the public: Most of JC’s events are open to the public from 9AM or 10AM until 5PM.

Vendor setup: Vendors may begin setting up usually from 7AM until 9AM.

See individual events for specific times on our calendar of events page, along with other information for specific events.

Where are JC events held and do I need reservations?

JC’s events are held all over NJ. You can find our calendar of events on the calendar of events page. One or two different JC events are held every weekend of the year. Exhibitor reservations are required at some but not all events.

Juried Arts & Crafts Festivals: Reservations required
Learn about our Juried Arts & Crafts Festivals

Street Fairs: Reservations suggested
Learn more about our Street Fairs

Flea Markets: Reservations suggested for indoors; not required for outdoors
Learn more about our Flea Markets

Vintage Markets: Reservations required
Learn more about our Vintage Markets

What types of events does JC run, and what types of vendors participate?

JC produces Juried Arts & Crafts FestivalsStreet Fairs, and Flea Markets & Collectible Markets, and Vintage Markets. Each different type of event features vendors selling whatever is specific to that particular event. See calendar of events.