JC’s Community Events Sponsorship Opportunities

Join JC as we bring you a wide variety of events that offer your company visibility, and brand awareness in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

In business for over 25 years, JC has been producing major community events for more than 75 organizations throughout NJ. JC promotes a wide variety of events, which include Street Fairs, Arts & Crafts Fairs, Music Festivals, and a mix of special events.

Partner with us as we present 3 tailored sponsorship programs to fit your needs. Each has it’s own amenities.

PRIME-$1500 per event | Open to regional and national companies and organizations
(multiple event discount available with this program)
LOCAL-$750 | Open to businesses located in the town or community that is hosting the event
SUPPORTING-$500 | Open to all businesses or organizations that seek to support the event but not participate in it.

After reviewing our programs feel free to call or email us to discuss a program that we can tailor to your needs.  We are flexible and pleasant to work with and look forward to hearing from you.

There are print out versions here:

Best Regards,
Cissy Gialanella, President
JC Promotions, Inc

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to gain exposure, expand your network, and improve your business’s reputation? Look no further than event sponsorship. Here are 5 reasons why sponsoring an event is a must for your business:

  1. Great Publicity: By sponsoring an event, you’ll get significant exposure overnight and can get your brand in front of a much larger segment of your demographic.
  2. Networking Galore: Building solid relationships is the key to opening new doors for any business. Sponsoring an event can quickly expand your network and help you gain meaningful business relationships.
  3. Improved Reputation: Sponsoring an event shows that your business has a legitimate interest in local causes and that you want to contribute to the enrichment of your community. This can greatly improve your reputation.
  4. Stronger Brand Equity: An improved reputation almost always results in your business being perceived as more credible and trustworthy, which can lead to stronger brand equity.
  5. It’s Affordable: While event sponsorship comes at a cost, it’s pretty minimal when you compare it to many other forms of local marketing. So, why not give it a try and see the positive impact it can have on your business?

Moms, dads, kids, young, old, millennials, baby boomers and more!

Facebook Demographics

  • JC Promotions Facebook page followers and page fans are 72% female and 28% male.
  • The bulk of these followers/fans fall into the 35-54 age bracket. The approximate breakdown is as follows: 25-34 21%, 35-44 26%, 45-54 26%, 55-64 20%, 65+ 10%.
  • Facebook audience for craft fairs runs a higher towards the female demographic with 80% female and 20% male. 71% of this audience falls in to the 35-64 age bracket. The approximate age bracket breakdown is as follows: 25-34 15%, 35-44 24%, 45-54 24%, 55-64 23%, 65+ 13%.

    Social Media Exposure
  • Sponsors gain wide exposure through JC Promotion’s website, a monthly email newsletter of 16,000+ subscribers, plus an active social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which together total close to 15,000 followers. JC lists all its events on Facebook with its street fairs, each reaching approximately 50,000-95,000 Facebook users.
  • In the last year*, all JC’s Facebook events reached over 898,000 people with over 94,000 responses, for an average engagement rate our events of 14%.
  • JC’s website received 138,000 visitors in 2023, with page views of over 363,000.

  • JC has over 16,000 people that subscribe to our monthly email blast. This is a feature that we offer to our sponsors to gain additional exposure to our followers.
  • This email blast has a 32% open rate which is considered very good.

Select a Program
All of our programs offer these amenities:

  • JC e-BLAST
    The opportunity to be featured as an event sponsor in JC’s eNewsletter made up of over 16,000 followers
    Inclusion in an exclusive event sponsor post with all other sponsors
    Your company logo/name on event posters, flyers, ads, announcements, press releases, and other promotional material
    Your logo linked to your website on JC’s website event pages
    Special recognition as sponsor announced throughout the day on stage

Sponsor Program PDF
Need help deciding on the best sponsorship program for your business? Our expert team is here to provide guidance and answer all your questions. Simply drop us an email and we’ll connect you with a staff member who can provide detailed sponsorship information tailored to your needs. sponsorships@jcpromotions.info
A representative will respond in a timely manner. Feel free to discuss ideas that you may have in mind for your participation.